Posted by: 4everdreamer | February 16, 2008

korean movies I’ve seen lately

in the last few days I’ve watched some Korean movies and i liked them all..

Happy Killing [2007]

Starring: Ye Ji Won, Jung Kyung Ho, Park Noh Sik
Director: Kang Kyung-Hun

also called “Femme Fatale” a very funny movie. it’s a remake of the french movie “serial lover”. i haven’t seen the original movie so i don’t know how much it resemble the french version.

Daddy Long Legs (Kidari ajeossi) [2005]

Starring: Yeon Jeong-hun, Ha Ji-won, Shin Yi

Directed by: Gong Jeong-shik

remember the cartoon “daddy long legs”? it’s the same title but very different from each others. it’s kinda complicated but overall very romantic movie. it will make you think a lot and will definitely be surprised by it. My best friend recommended this movie to me and thanks to her i had great time watching it.

Attack on the pin-up boys

The famous Korean boy band Super Junior’s movie. the movie is also a comedy. it’s really funny and shows you the acting skills of Super Junior members.The ones that you will see the most in this movie are Kibum, Donghae, Siwon, Heechul, Kangin, Eunhyuk. you might not see leeteuk but you’ll know why after you finish the movie.

here’s the trailer:


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